YETI 1400 Lithium Solar Generator – Power Anything, Anywhere

For the last 8 years, US based company GoalZero has been on a mission: to bring power to the people, literally. Their latest product seems to be a real powerhouse for outdoor freaks and filmmakers alike: the YETI 1400 lithium solar generator is capable of storing a massive 1425Whr, and you can recharge it with solar power.

The GoalZero YETI 1400 Lithium Solar Generator

Shooting in the field isn’t much of an alien concept to most indie filmmakers. But what about powering some lights? Recharging your camera batteries and power-hungry drones? Keeping your laptop alive? This can be a real issue if you happen to be out, maybe even for a couple of days at a time.

YETI 1400

the GoalZero YETI 1400 lithium solar generator.

The YETI 1400 might be the solution. It is a giant lithium battery with a lot of handy power outlets, such as:

  • 2x 110V AC
  • 4x 2.4A USB ports
  • 2x 6mm 12V ports
  • 1x car 12V port

No product is perfect, and the YETI 1400 lithium is no exception. Coming in at 19kg (42 lbs), its downside is certainly its weight, but keep in mind that the YETI 1400 is capable of charging your average laptop 23+ times or running a 300W light for 4.5 to 5 hours. Quite handy indeed! The previous (currently available) models have lead acid batteries build it, that’s why they are even heavier while providing less capacity than these new lithium models.

Its dimensions are: 10 x 14.7 x 10.5 in (25 x 37 x 27 cm).

YETI 1400

YETI 1400 and it’s smaller brother, the YETI 400 (left)

There are different methods for charging the YETI 1400. In terms of eco-friendliness, the solar option might be the method of choice, although it is obviously the slowest, and you’ll also need a dedicated solar board by GoalZero. Otherwise, you can juice up the YETI by plugging it to any AC outlet overnight. The best thing is that you can use it while charging, so under perfect conditions (lots of sun, not too much power draw), you could balance input and output completely.

Pricing and availability

The YETI 1400 will be available in spring 2017 for around $2,500. That is not exactly cheap, but if you happen to be out in the wild frequently, you’ll will appreciate it, I’m sure. I could have certainly used one during my latest road trip to the Balkans! I ended up charging either the camera or the laptop whenever the car engine was running, so my tiny inverter was able to suck some electricity out of the 12V car plug.

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