Why Cine Lenses Are Finally Affordable – Matthew Duclos – ON THE GO – Episode 49

In this episode of On The Go we talk to eminent lens connoisseur Matthew Duclos from Duclos Lenses, and his Chief Engineer Alex Nelson.

The last year or so has seen the emergence of a variety of affordable cine optics – at least relatively affordable in terms of what is usually the norm for these kinds of lenses. Be it primes or zooms, there are now a wide range of options available for only a few thousand dollars –  a kind of supply that was unthinkable just a few years ago. But what caused this kind of shift in the market? Matthew Duclos, Chief Operating Officer of one of the most renowned lens service and rehousing companies in Hollywood, tells us his thoughts.

We also talk about the latest announcement by ZEISS, the new CP.3 range of prime lenses, their unique implementation of metadata workflow, and their mechanical design that draws from some of ZEISS’s most desirable lenses.

Get ready to geek out with some lens talk in a convertible, on cinema5D ON THE GO!

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Palmer Woodrow May 31, 2017

Not really. Sigma blew it with their overpriced offerings.

You have Rokinon/Samyang garbage at the bottom, providing nearly unusable lenses under $1000. Then you have Canon selling $4000 primes. The market was wide open for someone like Sigma to wade in and provide good-quality lenses for $2000 or so. Did they do that? NOPE.

Sigma’s cine offerings are almost as expensive as their Canon equivalents. Shove that.

Steve Oakley Reply
Steve Oakley May 31, 2017

what makes Roks unusable ? perfectly nice glass even if the build quality is less than great. Having tried the Sigma’s they have great optical quality but really bad breathing. breathing usually isn’t something that bothers me very much, but these lenses are significant enough to say pass because its so large.