Backing up for the Long Run – ON THE COUCH Ep. 23 part 2 of 4 – Dan Chung, Clinton Harn, Emmanuel Pampuri

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In the 23rd episode of ON THE COUCH, I was lucky enough to sit with fellow bloggers and shooters Dan Chung, Clinton Harn from and Emmanuel Pampuri from

In this second part of the talk, we focus on a subject that isn’t often talk about – long-term storage for data. As the discussion unfolds, it becomes clear that even professionals don’t follow a strict protocol when it comes to permanent archiving of projects that are finished.

Clinton surprises us by announcing that he ends up deleting some of the stuff he is shooting for projects to save storage space. Both he and Emmanuel use LTO tape drives for permanent backup, whereas Dan Chung and I currently still store everything on slower hard drives as soon as a project is done.

We also talk about how to access and actually find old projects in the stacks of hard drives and tapes that we stack in our offices. I recommend using NeoFinder, a neat little software that indexes everything from attached hard drives and can be set up to update the index automatically. When I look for something, I just enter a search query into NeoFinder and it shows me on which drive I can find the file. It also stores metadata of all files and even preview images and video clips if wanted.

In the 3rd part of this episode ON THE COUCH we look at SteadXP, an very exciting new stabilizer concept that follows a different path, because it’s a combination between a hardware box and software that interprets the movement in post production – Emmanuel Pampuri was involved with developing it and will introduce the technology. Stay tuned!






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