What’s the best EVF mount & monitor mount? 7 devices reviewed

Here we have 7 different EVF mounts, or viewfinder mounts, also used as monitor mounts. These dear pieces of equipment are utilized to hold your EVF in the correct place when working with a handheld rig. Not all of them are great. Here’s a review that shows you the functionality and usefulness of each of the devices.

magic_1magic_2magic_4Up until now many people have been using mini magic arms (as seen on the left) to hold EVF’s or field monitors in place. If you’re used to working with those you might be familiar with the frustration caused by them.

Downsides of using mini magic arms as EVF holders:
– They might only hold in place for a limited time when used with EVF’s.
– When applying pressure with your head towards the EVF they usually get displaced.
– Often even the screw mounted to the EVF itself loosenes.
– Attaching and removing the evf is a hassle.

That’s why out of logic EVF mounts were invented. They should hold your EVF solidly even when applying pressure and still provide flexibility in repositioning your EVF. But not all of them do that. Here’s a summary of my experience and observations with each of the devices:

The setup:
Used here was a minimal handheld setup. Any other standard setup should work similarly. For most EVF mounts a cage attachment was used in order to save space for follow focuses at the rods under the lens. For gear advice check out our gear guide.
5D mark III
Gini Rigs 5D mark III cage $239
Vocas 15mm rail support $384
Vocas handgrip kit $574
Vocas Shoulder Pad Underneath $385
Six-Pro nato rail about 67€
Cineroid EVF4RVW $995
• Great (thin) mini-hdmi to hdmi cable. Very useful.

Note: The right side of the cage has been removed as it was not needed.

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• Page 5: Conclusion


DSC04889Solid Camera
Universal EVF Support KIT w/ Slotted Dovetail

I’m listing these reviews by price starting with the most expensive one.
While the Solid Camera solution isn’t cheap, it certainly comes across as very professional. The design, the way it feels and moves, it all makes you feel that this is a very sophisticated and cool device.

DSC04842DSC04836Indeed, when attaching an EVF and adjusting the device it all sits extremely solid and seems well thought through.

There’s a small dovetail that can be attached anywhere on the side of your cage. This is where the device is clamped on to. It can be easily clamped on and off.

DSC04843DSC04840The different knobs and buttons seem confusing at first, but when you’ve got a little practice this EVF mount is flexible and easy to use.

There are also many other ways to mount this EVF mount, all of them with additional accessories which can be found on the manufacturers homepage.
Positioning the device is almost perfect. It extended just far enough to the front for me, but was a tad too far on the left (not close enough to the camera). I’d still recommend this device if the pricetag is not too steep for you.


While this one is very nice, it’s also very feature rich and heavy and might not be worth the additional cost for some.


Pro’s and Con’s:

+ Can also hold field monitors
+ Very solid! If you lock a position it stays locked
+ High quality feel
+ Can be assembled and disassembled very quikly
+ Seems bulky but still doesn’t get in the way
+ Flexible
+ EVF attaches very strongly due to custom mounts
+ Many additional components available for different mounting options
+ Friction arm for smooth one-handed adjustment
+ Extends far enough

– Price
– Custom mounts for each EVF/monitor are expensive
– Doesn’t extend very far, but just far enough
– Might be overly sophisticated for some users
– Sits a tad too far on the left (device is too thick)

If this review was helpful please use our links:
You can get the Solid Camera EVF kit from the manufacturer for $675

On PAGE 2: Zacuto Axis EVF mount & Wooden Camera UVF Mount V2 NATO Rail Kit

linebreakbLinks directly to EVF mount reviews:
• Page 1: Solid Camera Universal EVF Support KIT w/ Slotted Dovetail
• Page 2: Zacuto Axis EVF mount
• Page 2: Wooden Camera UVF Mount V2 NATO Rail Kit
• Page 3: SHAPE Rod Bloc EVF Mount
• Page 3: Zacuto Z-ERM EVF Rod Mount
• Page 4: Edelkrone Monitor / EVF holder
• Page 4: Lanparte Heavy Duty Magic Arm
• Page 5: Conclusion

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Sebastian Wiegaertner Reply
Sebastian Wiegärtner November 18, 2013

I used the ZACUTO AXIS EVF-Mount for a prime time tv feature film shoot. I loved it! My favorite EVF-Mount in combination with my Epic and the Bomb EVF.

Thanks for the extensive overview, Sebastian!

Eric Meadows November 18, 2013

Perfect timing with this post! I am currently looking at EVF mounts “on the cheap” and it looks like the Edelkrone is a true winner for my wallet. Great, concise review of many options. Appreciate this site and its reviews!

Marc B November 18, 2013

Now this is great product to put to the test, a very important item that receives little discussion. So far I’m much happy with the my EVF Standard mount compared to the various arms I’ve used in the past.

Bobo November 18, 2013

You did a great job Sebastian – thank you. My favorit is the Zacuto Axis. I’m using it on my C300 great for tripot and handheld work.

Solorio Marco Reply
Marco Solorio November 19, 2013

It’s too bad you didn’t include the Tilta EVF mount as part of this review. We use it on our larger heavy duty rigs and it’s very well made, competitively priced, and comes with extras, including both 15mm and 19mm rod supports. Definitely an EVF mount that shouldn’t be left unnoticed! Otherwise, informative review!

Jesse Chorng November 21, 2013

I’m a huge fan of the Wooden Camera EVF (all their products really) but couldn’t fork over that much for something I don’t really use all the time. But I loved how easily you could remove the entire setup when not in use by removing the 15mm rod.

I found a very similar product on eBay by CamTree (http://bit.ly/1ayAsQq). I removed the 15mm rail block and attached the clamp straight to my cage and it works very similarily to the Wooden Camera product.

Sebastian Wöber November 22, 2013

Thanks for the info on the Camtree EVF. That looks like Wooden Camera UVF Version 1 which I also used, but didn’t like so much compared to the V2, but it worked too.

Maarten Toner November 26, 2013

The Edelkrone is not bad but a bit heavy and it simply doesn’t work in the cold. the friction rubbers shrink or something so it just drops to wherever the centre of gravity is. But I like the simple compact design and have used it a lot with my DP4. The Zacuto Axis is my favourite though, exactly what I wanted, the reach is perfect for shooting low angle shots in combination with the Easy rig: drop the camera low, back straight and put the EVF right in front of you!

Frank Suero November 26, 2013

Great review but at the end you forgot the best one on the market. Here all are good but when you see the prices of the zacuto or others it is just crazy. What about the TILTA EVF support, at just about 300 offers the same as the expensive ones here and far more them the cheapest

Take a look to this link


Sebastian Wöber November 26, 2013

The company hasn’t provided a demo unit yet, but we’re trying to get one to see if it’s good.

soufian March 30, 2014

+1 :)

greg poschman November 28, 2013

I use a Canon C100 and an Alphatron EVF. While Alphatron makes an EVF mount that is rod supported, I have not used it. Instead I have a very effective and low cost clamp that attaches to the top handle of the camera, articulates (with an easy mod.- remove the set screw/pin) and locks securely. It is also much lower profile than any rod or cage configuration. (I enjoy putting less heavy metal on my camera, rather than more.) For handheld or fast moving work, this rig works very well. The clamp is called a pedco ultra clamp. For $17 the problem is solved!

Martin Jangaard August 21, 2014

Sebastian, Thank you for the review – it was wide ranging and well needed. However, you didn’t mention the Kinotehnik LCDVF E package at all. I know it’s not an EVF mount as such, but for €750 it actually gives you, not only one of the best mounts I have come across, but also a cracking good viewfinder too, with all of the features that we have come to expect.

The mount will only work with their proprietary viewfinder though, but it is very ergonomic and can be positioned really quickly, just like the more traditional viewfinders on ENG style shoulder-mount cameras. It just stays put and doesn’t move. If you haven’t done already, check it out:


I’m pleased that you rated the Edelkrone offering. I have their Pocket Rig with Rod Extension rails and Handles, plus their Follow Focus One for my 5D Mk II rig, which works well, and then add in the LCDVF E and, Hey Presto, a neat and affordable outfit.

Sean Pettis September 7, 2016

I’ve been unable to connect my CineroidEVF4RVW to my Edelkrone EVF holder. In the picture, I see a small black adapter between the two. Could you tell me what this is or direct me to where I could purchase one? The thread size of the Cineroid seems smaller than a 1/4″, but I can’t seem to find out what it is anywhere. Thanks for any help.