What is the Best Cine Zoom? – ON THE GO Ep. 32

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The cinema5D talkshow is back! And this time… On wheels and on the road. Say hello to cinema5D ON THE GO!

With two major industry trade shows behind us, the last few weeks have brought with them what seemed like an avalanche of new product releases. A particular highlight of IBC 2016 was the many new lenses that were announced, in particular in terms of zoom lens aimed at cinematographers.

In our maiden voyage of cinema5D ON THE GO, Nino Leitner, Johnnie Behiri, Adam Plowden and Olaf von Voss from the cinema5D editorial team take a ride to discuss the differences and similarities between these new lens announcements.

The new Canon C700 is also a hot topic of conversation, and we discuss what camera manufacturers to look out for in the coming months.

Please visit our sponsors’ websites to keep new episodes of ON THE GO coming! Thanks to Hedge for Mac,  G-TechnologyRøde MicrophonesSachtler and in association with Ford and Sony.


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Rafael Odalis Castillo Reply
Rafael Odalis Castillo October 3, 2016

I was expecting some kind of karaoke in this video. ;-)

Bill Gilbride October 4, 2016

Why not name it Cinematographers in Cars getting Coffee? It’s much catchier.