What About Camera Sliders? – How to Use Them, Manually and Motorized

In the newest episode of cinema5D Essentials (other episodes here), Li-Lian and Nino take a very close look at camera sliders – both the manual and the motorized versions, and talk about how and where to use them effectively – and for what reason. The Kessler CineSlider with the optional Second Shooter motorization bundle was chosen as for demonstrating this “how-to” video.

Camera sliders have been around for many years now – and like many other new things, in the beginning they have been massively overused in many films. However, they still are an incredibly valuable tool in a shooter’s arsenal, especially considering the fact that they are super easy to set up, and give a very high production value to films without a lot of effort.

We are giving tips and showing examples, when it makes most sense to use them – either as a motivated move or as a way to spice up a boring corporate office video.

It’s not the length, it’s how you use it

Through using wide angle lenses and foreground and background, even a short slider can have a maximum effect on the image, and give a huge sense of movement. We demonstrate this with examples.

Motorization and the Second Shooter

Li-Lian Ahlskog and Nino Leitner surrounded by a lot of camera sliders …


Then we motorize the slider and demonstrate how useful it is to have this literal “Second Shooter” for an interview shoot as an additional moving angle. We are using the Kessler CineSlider with the Second Shooter bundle to do just that. I demonstrate three axis moves with 2 keyframes and we mention other uses for timelapse and the Kessler KOS app.

Enjoy the new episode and don’t forget to support our new initiative by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

What is your favorite slider – motorized or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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Aki Liani

That em1markii though 👏👌


We like it!

Glen Kantziper

Kessler Second Shooter on kit stands isn’t a good idea even for a lightweight camera.

Nino Leitner

Agreed – I usually use camera tripods. We just ran out of them for this shoot :)

Mark Shirley

pic sums up my feelings on sliders ☹️


The happy face on the right, we hope? ;)