Vocas Flexible Small Camera Shoulder Rig

Vocas, a shoulder rig and camera accessory manufacturer, has developed a new shoulder rig with a clever offset capable design for the Sony FS5 and DSLR users primarily, but it will work with other small body cameras. More information below: 

Most shoulder rigs require the use of an external monitor or 3rd party EVF to work effectively, but Vocas hopes to change that with its new shoulder rig. You are able to quickly offset the shoulder pad on this setup allowing you to use the built in EVF of a camera like the FS5 (pictured above). Of course, you can also quickly configure the rig for use on the shoulder with a monitor.

Allowing the offsetting of the shoulder pad is a good idea, but in practice I tend to find most built-in EVF’s to be lacking when compared to 3rd part options from companies like SmallHD or Zacuto. But, when time and money is a factor, you’ll need to use whatever is available while filming in harsh sunlight at noon.

The core rig includes everything you see in the image above, with the exception of the front handle grips. Beyond the hand grips, optional accessories include a counter weight system and impressive looking top handle. The top handle even has a magnetized spot for a hex or allen key to live ensuring you are never without the proper tools for tightening the rig. More manufacturers should do this.

A sliding baseplate makes moving the camera closer or further from your eye easy and 15mm rails are included for mounting accessories such as a matte box.

This is a highly modular system with room to expand as the owner/op starts working with larger and larger cameras. Pricing, availability and even the final name of this rig are still a bit in flux, but we’ll update here when those facts are locked down by the manufacturer.

What do you think? Does a shoulder rig like this make sense for your kit? Let us know in the comments below.

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