SHOT BYHarrison Schaaf

DIRECTORHarrison Schaaf

CATEGORYAds & Corporate


Late last year, I was selected by ZEISS to direct a series of films profiling artists, technologists, and athletes all over the world.

My first subject was Chi Po Lin – one of the world’s best aerial photographers and directors. He is legendary in Taiwan for capturing the island in a way that nobody has seen before.

This was a dream project for me – it’s a film about aviation, risk, environmental conservation, and photography – but also about playing the game of filmmaking with all your cards. It was extremely exciting to get to profile such a visionary artist in this film.

Before I finished this film, Chi Po Lin lost his life in an aerial cinematography mission, shooting for his next project in Taiwan. His passing was a massive loss to Taiwan, and to me as well. He leaves behind a legacy of unprecedented environmental awareness in Taiwan, which he created with the power of his images, and the selfless courage that he created them with.

This film would have been impossible to make without the generous support of Zeiss, and the invaluable knowledge base that is Cinema5D, which proved indispensable as we set out to shoot the best aerials possible.

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DJI Inspire 1 RAW
Sony A7R ii


Client: Carl Zeiss AG
Agency: TLGG Berlin
Starring: Chi Po Lin
Director/DOP: Harrison Schaaf
Drone Operators: Harrison Schaaf & Bennett Kissel
1st AC/B Cam: Bennett Kissel
Music and Sound Design: Cypher Audio
Executive Producer: Trevor Paperny
Taiwan Producer: Platini Chang
Production Coordinator: Jeff Yiu
Colorist: Harrison Schaaf

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Alex Pennacchia February 22, 2018

From the cinematography, to the color, to the audio design, this is really well done. Heartbreaking ending but very motivational.