When the roads have no end 2016 (Lane 8, undercover, Magic Lantern, ef 16-35mm f4 IS) Ultra HD 4K

SHOT BYDenisas P.



Its all began in 2014, when decided to test my first wide angle lens (canon ef 16-35mm f4 IS) while driving the car. I had big ambitions for new project, but in the end everything was spontaneity random video with my precious memories. Driven and visited different nice places across south of England, mostly with my friends and girlfriend. Thank you for watching and hopefully you will enjoy.

Music by: Lane 8 – Undercover
Camera used: Canon 5 Mark III + Magic Lantern RAW video and ML intervalometer + Ef 16-35 F4 IS L + EF 70-200mm f2.8 IS L sometimes.