Villa Toronto: A Critic’s View

SHOT BYByron Chan



Author’s note & short disclaimer:
Given the fact that it was shoot in a low-light setting, a couple of the shots suffer from some compression artefact. Otherwise, it was a joy shooting with the 5n. What are you thoughts on the 3-year old camera? Does the 5n still holds up to today’s standards?

Original description:
Villa Toronto, a week-long art event based in Union Station’s Grand Hall with offsite programming across Toronto, uses large-scale sculpture and humour to entice visitors into considering “How to Communicate Better.”

Rosie Prata reports from the opening of the Union Hall exhibition, noting that only five of the 26 artists were women. With such unequal representation, she wonders how balanced Villa Toronto’s conversation can be.

Villa Toronto continues at Union Station and across the city until January 23.