Unmasked – by Sam KJ – Shot on LUMIX GH5

SHOT BYJ. Van Auken


CATEGORYAds & Corporate


Unmasked – Directed by Sam KJ

Los Angeles – The Not Too Distant Future…
Our Hero has infiltrated a new criminal organization rumored to be some sort of hive mind. Captured and detained, can our hero face the horde and eliminate their master? Or will he become another member of the hive?

Unmasked is a dynamic and high-octane action film featuring top-notch fight sequences from some of the best stunt performers in the business. When we started this creative process, we knew we needed a camera that was lightweight and mobile but pulled no punches and delivered top notch quality. Enter the LUMIX GH5.

Unmatched size and mobility coupled with the ability to shoot 4:2:2 10 bit utilizing the full 4:3 sensor for Anamorphic made the LUMIX GH5 a perfect fit for this production.

Unmasked is a simple story that pulls the LUMIX GH5 features together in a relatively simple way: A man escapes a downtown building, using his fighting skills to blast through the mind controlled horde. Shot in an extremely dynamic manner utilizing body rigs and handheld techniques, the ability to whip the camera and weave between our stunt performers created an action aesthetic that is rarely seen on shoots using cameras with larger form factors.

A major feature was to emphasize is the LUMIX GH5’s anamorphic capabilities, which were a huge selling point on the GH4. We shot on classic Kowa Prominar anamorphics to achieve a cinematic and give our audience a clear nod to the fantastic action films of the 1980’s. These lenses combined with modern cinema tools give me confidence that the camera really will achieve that filmic look we are all looking for.

Enjoy the film!
Sam KJ


Directed by Sam KJ
In association with Lobster Bear Productions
Written and Produced by Sam KJ & Nick Carraro
Coproduced by Nathan Larimer and Michael Belmonte
Editor Sam KJ
Assistant Editor Nick Carraro
Director of Photography J. Van Auken
Music by Caleb Blood
Fight Coordinator Michael Lehr
Assistant Fight Coordinator Alvin Hsing
Staring Jak Kwon as Hero and Robert Dill as Red Mask

Special thanks to:
Hot Rod Cameras
Bright Tangerine
Formatt Hitech
Iguana Digital Cinema