Through the horn – Cylinder Film Sound 100 years later – Heinmiller Phonograph Co.

SHOT BYChristopher David Heinmiller

DIRECTORChristopher David Heinmiller



Through The Horn – Cylinder film sound 100 years later!!!

With this film I have replicated the very birth of image and sound synchronization, the Dickson sound experiment.

Using a 1901 Edison Standard Phonograph, a 1905 edison recorder, and an original concert horn I have presented a similar scenario as this famous 19th century experiment. This experiment features two short instrumental improvisations that were recorded as the camera was rolling, the cylinder recordings were then digitized and synchronized as closely as possible with the silent image. As I wanted to present a complete film I have combined this experiment with a small narrative.

Have you ever wondered who used your Edison phonograph in the past?
What if your edison standard was actually used for innovative film sound experiments all those years ago?

What if that moldy cylinder you found in a bin was actually part of a grand historical experiment?

With this film I explore those possibilities while replicating the birth of film sound!