These Lovers – Film Trailer

SHOT BYPiotr Skowronski

DIRECTORPiotr Skowronski



For Charlotte, Nora, Brody, August and Anand, love is elusive; either on account of their own desires, fears and struggles or by circumstances beyond their control.

A slice of life romantic drama, These Lovers is an honest account of how love shapes our lives, in moments of passion and betrayal, of loss and loneliness from which old flames extinguish and new beginnings unfold.

Torn between lovers, Charlotte struggles for freedom from the confines of her ailing Aunt Grace and her responsibilities at the hotel. August and Nora are young dreamers, defying authority in pursuit of their own happiness. Anand longs for adventure, travel and true love, while postponing an arranged marriage and a pre-determined future. Brody, a talented musician who spends most of his time traveling must choose between commitment or the freedom of the open road.

An unassuming room at the Hotel Grace is the catalyst for new beginnings but not without consequences that will reverberate throughout their lives.

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