The Word Alphabet Poem | 1916 Easter Rising Tribute





Word Alphabet, written by Jack O’Rourke
Burn Sector Media and Bitter Like A Lemon decided to make this contribution to the 1916 centenary (Anniversary of the 1916 Rising) after a visit to Lorcan O’Tools old folks home where they were volunteering by performing 1916 based monologues for the residents when Amilia Stewart, Executive producer of Bitter Like A Lemon heard Mr. Jack O’Rourke’s poem, who wrote the poem especially for the performance, and knew it needed to be heard by as many people as possible.
She presented the Idea to Garreth Caufield, DOP of BLAL and Burn Sector Media and they decided to collaborate on the piece by calling upon some of Irelands established and up and coming actors to record this fantastic, original poem and capture some of the well known landmarks that reflect the 1916 Rising as they are now in 2016.

The actors involved:
Amilia Stewart (Faircity)
Conall Keating (Faircity)
Lee Coffey (Writer/Director)
Emma Murphy
Kayla Eustace
Aaron Murphy
Luke Griffin (The Clinic/ Band of Brothers)
Finbarr Doyle (Sickle Moon Theatre Company)
Gordon Quigley
Toni O’Rourke (The Clinic/Noble/What Richard Did)
Enya Martin (Giz A Laugh/ Chanto)
Aoibheann McCaul (Faircity)
Martha Fitzpatrick (Faircity)
Wesley Dunne
Clare Monnelly (Moone Boy)
Caoimhe Mulchay
Alan McNally

Directed by: Amilia Stewart
Cinematography: Garreth Caufield
Camera Assistants: Kate Horvath/Mathew De Barra

Bitter Like A Lemon was founded in 2014 with the ethos of trying to lower the age demographic of the Irish theatre audience.
The company is made up of 5 core members, Lee Coffey (Artistic Director), Amilia Stewart (Executive Producer), Conall Keating (Associate Producer), Emily Gillmor-Murphy (Artistic Associate) and Garreth Caufield (D.O.P). 2016 is the first year for BLAL to dip their oar into the world of film with plans of two short films to be produced later in the year. This is their first production in co-junction with Burn Sector Media.

We would like to dedicate this to the Lorcan O’Tool Day centre and all the proud residency of the Irish Republic.

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