The Wizard of Wandsworth

SHOT BYSam Mitchell

DIRECTORJames Iain Barber



An ultra-short film; a tableau of a man trying to make a difference in London with his magical powers.

Starring Ian Hughes
Cinematography by Sam Mitchell, shot on an Alexa XT Plus with anamorphic lenses
Directed/edited by James Iain Barber
Colour grading by Mark Spinks

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Myles Thompson Reply
Myles Thompson January 8, 2017

Fantastic idea. Reckon you could introduce a few more surprise elements once the idea is established or throw in a twist at the end.

James Barber March 17, 2017

Thanks. That would have been a great idea. It was kind of a make a film as a lark, this one. Turned out cute, but the idea could definitely have done with more time in the kitchen to turn it from a little 2min film into something a bit more substantive and clever. But I like the humanity of it, even though it’s really short.