The Proposal – Gaurav & Swati

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This is the story of how Gaurav proposed to Swati.

At Videowaale Films, we are always seeking stories that help us grow as filmmakers & storytellers. When Gaurav approached us, the idea of producing a proposal story was just the challenge we sought.
Filming it in secret pumped our adrenaline levels even further.

Meet Gaurav – The superhero of this story and also the person who went through many sleepless nights to plan this proposal right. He left no stone unturned to make this day – right from choosing a perfect ring, to planning the perfect after meal, to notifying close family & friends of when to show up. He even came up with an excuse to lure Swati out on a Saturday morning respectably dressed.

In depth conversations over sushi dinners, chai and pakoras, and countless cups of coffee, facilitated the execution of this event, which Videowaale and Gaurav planned two months in advance. It took several visits to Toronto’s Distillery District in order to find the perfect locale – something ideal for secretly filming as well as privately proposing. On the day of the proposal, all that was required was a trustworthy duo to set the stage exactly to Gaurav’s specifications.

Now meet Swati – she is the reason men like Gaurav fall weak in their knees and do crazy things, and the reason for a happy ending to this story ‘She said Yes’. Dating Gaurav for more than 2 years now, she knew that the proposal was coming but not in this fashion and certainly not that she could relive it anytime through this film.

Location courtesy:
Distillery district, Toronto

Stills by: Aneela Maharaj

Soundtrack courtesy:
“Somatou” by Kakurenbo (

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