The Playground bmx shot with sony FS700 and Canon 5d

SHOT BYTassos Kosmatopoulos , Leo Germanopoulos, dimitris katranidis

DIRECTORTassos Kosmatopoulos



Single location, one rider (Panos Manaras) and an edit to combine super slow & fast motion. Α crane , Sony FS700 to combine them with canon 5d MKII.This beautiful ramp and park was built by a small group of riders-friends (Bogiatiland crew) during a long period of time. You are all welcome to ride it whenever you travel to Ag.stefanos near Athens ,GREECE.

Direction – Photography – Editing by Tasos Kosmatopoulos
Photography by Leonidas Germanopoulos
Photography – Crane operation by Dimitris Katranidis (dk video productions)
video footage protected by copyright law
all rights reserved
music by daft punk , remixed by the glitch mob track : “Derezzed”