The Nervous | Part 2: BK Stories

SHOT BYChris Raddatz, Thomas Mendolia, Kris Hayes

DIRECTORChris Raddatz



Working through the loss of three family members in a car accident – Donté Bonner wrote “”More Dead on the BW””. There is much more going on in these lyrics than a tribute to a memory: including blame, accusations of homicide, and – at the core – a cry for help.
The song, and his band The Nervous, have been an important part of moving through and moving on.

Artists dealing with grief learn to use their self-expression as a coping mechanism. In this Short Film Documentary we meet man who knows his only way out of a sinking pit of depression is his band, his music.

In their live concert at The Paper Box, The Nervous bring close out their performance by going to the middle of the audience – they bring it back to the basics – back to their roots – with body precussion, poetry, shouting spoken word and gospel history at their backs they create an entirely new sound. This new band, with their amazing new music is sure to make waves in the Brooklyn music scene.

It is intense music, it is dramatic music, but it is incredible and meaningful music as well.

They are unsigned talent, so if you would like to create work with them or demand more shows – follow them on Facebook and twitter @TheNervousNYC

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