The Mountain Project

SHOT BYCharlie Stover, Sharon Stover, H Pitschmann, Jessica Pitschmann, Christie Bigelow, Abby Swanson

DIRECTORCharlie Stover



This entire project was recorded and filmed in 48 hours. The cameras used were mainly three Canon C100s with a few shots from a Canon 6D. Everything was lit naturally or with camping lanterns and a Litepanels Sola ENG Flight kit. This project took place in the United States near Silverton, Colorado. Traveling by Jeep to an abandoned mining camp at an elevation of 12,000 feet, we had no running water or a reliable source of power (power was generated by solar panels). At night when we were recording, we used a portable car battery connected to an inverter to power the Litepanels and the tube preamp that was used to record the artists. Everything else was powered with the devices own battery. This was purely a creative project with no objective other than to capture and tell a story. Please enjoy!

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