The Hedgehog

SHOT BYPavel Smirnov

DIRECTORAlexandra Tsareva



The Hedgehog (English Subtitles) short movie from Russia

The kind funny little story about kids and parents.
(based on the novel of Grigory Gorin)

Subtitles: English

Written and directed: Alexandra Tsareva

Cameraman: Pavel Smirnov

Cast: Alexaner Mashanov, Sergey Markeev, Igor Mikhailov

The “Best Short Film” winner of Second International Short Film Festival ARTSHORT 2011

The “Best Fiction Film” winner of 5th All-Russian Short Film Festival “kinOmetr 2011”

The “Children movie” winner of film festival “PiterKit 2012”

“Best camera work” and “Best Acting” on festival “35mm galaxy 2013”

Member of “Short International Comedy Film Festival” Competition at the Sturgeon Heights Community Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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