The Crawler in the Dark: Chapter 1 (Epilogue)・「闇に這いつくモノ」1話(エピローグ)

SHOT BYLilou Augier




Jason Wayland travels to an abandoned Japanese town to confront the evil presence that cursed his family over a century ago.


Two scholars discover an ancient artifact with which they can psychically explore across space and time, but leaves them unwittingly exposed to a malevolent psychic traveller.


THE CRAWLER IN THE DARK is a Lovecraftian tale set during Japan’s Meiji era. The story follows Charles T. Wayland, an American writer and adventurer with a taste for the macabre, as he is called to the home of his longtime friend and colleague, Hidekichi, who has found a strange unidentifiable artifact. Hidekichi demonstrates for Charles that the artifact is a window between worlds, allowing them to psychically explore the remotest corners of the universe. But Charles is horrified to learn that Hidekichi is already playing host to another psychic traveller; a malevolent being from a dark world with designs on ruling over mankind.

This film was produced as part of YouTube Space Tokyo’s Jidaigeki Program in collaboration with Toei Studios. Principal filming commenced at YouTube Space Tokyo in late April, 2015, and wrapped after a night shoot at Toei’s Eigamura open set in Uzamasa.

概要:THE CRAWLER IN THE DARK(邦題「闇に這いつくモノ」)は明治時代を舞台としたラヴクラフト系のお話。アメリカの作家で不気味な趣味を持つ冒険家のチャールズ・T・ウェイランドは、奇妙な正体不明の遺物を発見したヒデキチという長年の友人で同僚の家に呼ばれる。ヒデキチはチャールズにこの遺物が二つの世界の間の窓であること、そして精神的に宇宙の隅々まで探索できることを証明する。だが、チャールズはヒデキチが人類を支配することが狙いである 暗黒の世界からの邪悪なるモノの宿主にすでになっていることに恐怖を覚える。

この映画は「YouTube Space 時代劇 with 東映太秦映画村」プログラムのもと制作されました。撮影開始は2015年の4月下旬にYouTube Space Tokyoで行われ、クランクアップは東映太秦映画村で夜の撮影後に迎えました。

STAFF (CHO Japan):
Director – JR Lipartito
Writers – JR Lipartito, Greg Watson
Assistant Director/Production Manager – Jim Ballard
Director of Photography – Lilou Augier
Assistant DOP – Gleb Torubarov
Audio – Lance Abasta
Property Master – Nancy Laue
Hair/Make – Yui Akasaka
Music – Fourth VisioN
VFX: Jonathan Spence (Mocap Japan)
Editor – JR Lipartito

CAST (Pirates of Tokyo Bay):
Charles T. Wayland/Jason Wayland – Bob Werley
Hidekichi – Masahito Kawahata
Oritsu – Lisa Sumiyoshi

Lighting – Genchin Takada, Masaya Murakami
Extras – Shinobu Sakurai, Kousei, Yukio Yamakita, Marie Kobayashi