The Clog Maker’s Apprentice

SHOT BYDuncan Parker

DIRECTORDuncan Parker



Ep 1 – Tales of Forgotten Crafts – This is the story of JoJo Wood, a young apprentice, learning the craft of Clog making. Often this type of trade is forgotten in our modern way of life, but “these crafts are a living connection with our past”.

Jeremy Atkinson is the last traditional Clog Maker in England, he is running out of time and needs to pass his skills on. “There are seed banks all over the world to keep different things alive because maybe they will need to be used in the future, you could say the same thing about crafts because you don’t know what’s coming up”.

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This is part of a series of shorts that will come out over the next few months
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Shot on Panasonic GH4, Genie magic carpet, Sigma Arts 24mm.
Shot in 4K and HFR off speed, edited in Adobe Premier Pro 2015 and used James Miller DeLUTS.

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