THE CHALLENGER 首战告捷 (Kung Fu Short Film)

SHOT BYJeremy Mackie




“Wild, heavy action with fun visuals!” – Ain’t It Cool News
“Kick-ass! It’s as meat and potatoes as you can get to classic kung fu fight choreography.” – YomYomF Network
“Fantastic, a cinematic chess match.” – Film Combat Syndicate
“Modern kung fu with an old school twist. I haven’t seen Hung Gar as good as this since KUNG FU HUSTLE.” – Guts and Uppercuts
“A must-see! Something that everyone should check out.” – Martial Arts Movie Junkie
“Just imagine, if the quality of this short is anything to go on, the feature should absolutely rock!” – Kiai Kick

A young Kung Fu fighter, eager to make a name for himself, challenges his hero in an underground match. Starring Martial Club’s Andy Le and Ken Quitugua of ZeroGravity Stunts, directed by Tran Quoc Bao. THE CHALLENGER is the prequel for an original feature screenplay.

Writer, Director, Editor :: Tran Quoc Bao
Producer :: Michael Velasquez & Al’n Duong
Co-Producer :: Brice Budke & Christopher Woon
Action Director :: Ken Quitugua
Director of Photography :: Jeremy Mackie
Music Composer :: Erik Aho

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