Star Wars Toy Millenium Falcon Motion Control

SHOT BYRobino Jones

DIRECTORRobino Jones



Over Christmas 2015, with the Star Wars fever running high, I setup my custom 3 axis motorized dana dolly made mostly of Dynamic Perception parts (NMX controller, 19:1 and 5:1 motors) and shot some old school miniature motion control effects using a $20 Revell SnapTite Millenium Falcon in my living room.

The toy is 8.25 inches in length.

All elements shown are 100 percent real! No CGI.

After a small weathering paint job and some modifications such as LED lighting and 3 mounting points, the Revell Falcon was looking good enough to be shot.

Even though the current Dynamic Perception motion control software is limited to 2 keyframes not allowing advanced motion control moves, the results are very interesting. Pretty amazing to be able to pull off one man crew shots like this in an afternoon when it would take days and dozen of people in the early 1980s.

Axis used were slider, focus and a stepper for the falcon movements. (Rigged using bottom, side and front mounting points)

Enjoy and may the force be with you all!