Sony FS5 4K Footage

SHOT BYMarlon Torres

DIRECTORMarlon Torres



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Our FS5 recently arrived and we couldn’t wait to take it out to the pier and test it out! The main features we wanted to test out were the slog3 color profile in both UHD 4K and 1080p in 24fps, 60fps, 120fps, and 240fps. The video below are the results of shooting in slog3, UHD 4K, 24fps and 60fps. Here are our first impressions:

The FS5 shoots 8 bit 4:2:0 in UHD 4K (3840×2160) using 100mbps XAVC-L codec. Although the camera produces beautiful 4K footage it does occasionally suffer from banding and macro blocking.

Although the FS5’s codec does suffer from these occasional problems it doesn’t take away from the fact the fact that the 4K image is capable of creating amazing images. The amount of detail is stunning and slog3’s 14 stops of dynamic range is capable of creating very cinematic images.

Overall, we are impressed with the FS5’s UHD 4K images. Despite its problems, we were still able to create very cinematic images. As a compliment to our FS7, the FS5 will serve as an excellent run & gun b-roll and secondary camera.

Stay tuned as we continue to test our FS5, looking at handling and ergonomics.