Shot on Arri AMIRA: Sophie Abraham – “Eye of the Iger”

SHOT BYSebastian Wöber

DIRECTORSebastian Wöber



Read the related extensive review and field report on cinema5D: Video and audio recorded on Arri AMIRA Musical performance – SOPHIE ABRAHAM filmmaking – SEBASTIAN WÖBER special thanks to MAX HOFSTÄTTER CAMILLO CIBULKA GERHARD WEINER ROBI FAUSTMANN CAROLINA STEINBRECHER JOHNNIE BEHIRI NINO LEITNER JULIA WESELY JULIA LÖSCHL graded with filmconvert

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Richard Kazn Young March 18, 2015

Good work Sebastian,very insightful article complimented by the amazing video-just loved the “SOUND QUALITY” a real good combination the Arri-Amira and Sophie Abraham music and of course YOU, just wanted to know were you didn’t use the 3200ISO as you mentioned 95% shot on 3200ISO.

Sebastian Wöber Reply
Sebastian Wöber March 18, 2015

Thank you Richard, very much appreciated.