Road Trip Inspiration // Getting Lost in a Camper Van

SHOT BYTobi Schnorpfeil

DIRECTORTobi Schnorpfeil



———- Description ——————————————————

This Road Trip took us from Germany to the Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Montenegro etc.) We also had to learn that a journey is not always flawless, sometimes you get stuck on the road and our bus even got robbed at one time. Well, if it’s easy it’s not an adventure. I hope I can inspire you with this video to make your own adventures, just get out there!

———- Travel Route —————————————————-

Check out our route on Mapify!:

———- Credits ————————————————————-

Big THANKS to my fellow travellers:

@supertrampeur @3p_alice
@mariobroehl @linajakobi

Thank you for helping me with the production:

Pryia Linke: Voice
Micha Kunze: Co-Writer

———- Music ————————————————————–

Perfect for your next travel playlist!

Layup – Growing Pains
Isbells – Reunite
Humming House – Run With Me

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