Prefunerale Luigi Virgillito

SHOT BYGround's Oranges

DIRECTORZavvo Nicolosi



Following the latest trend born in the Italian Deep South called “pre-diciottesimo”, Ground’s Oranges is glad to introduce to you the first and only “prefunerale”, a real pre-funeral-themed video having the aim to critically expose the trend of no-talent show off, born with the spread of internet sharing.
Pre-diciottesimo is the new frontier of empty and useless autocelebration so, why don’t celebrate ourselves before the last, big frivolous event of our life?
Rites of passage are important steps in every culture: the most resounding ones in occidental traditions are the Sweet 16s and the Mexican quinceañera.
In Italy, especially in the south side of it, “diciottesimo” (the 18th birthday party) means a lot.
That’s why, in the last few years, so-called photographers and videomakers started to offer the possibility to shoot videos as a “preparation” to the most important events of people’s life, like birthdays and weddings.
In the age of web 2.0, these sometimes embarrassing, quite often trash videos are used to introduce the protagonists as absolutely talentless and sexy stars.

Production: Ground’s Oranges
Director: Salvo Nicolosi
DoP: Jacopo Saccà
Starring: Luigi Virgillito
Nun, priest and butler: Gaetano
Audio editing and SFX: Riccardo Nicolosi
Edit, Post, VFX: Salvo Nicolosi e Jacopo Saccà
Runners: Riccardo Nicolosi e Francesco Ciaramella

Song written and performed by Messer Chups (Bing Bang Bang Bong Kong)

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########## INTERESTING PART ##########
Budget: €32
Shooting days: 6
Footage: 28mins (122gb)
5D MkIII with ML RAW hack 1920×[email protected]
Lexar 32gb UDMA7 1000X
Tokina 11-16 2.8, Canon 28 1.8, Canon 85 1.8, Canon 24-70 2.8