OSM minutes of 2015 – ROVINJ. IN THE MORNING.

SHOT BYBlaž Miklič, Tina Lagler

DIRECTORBlaž Miklič, Tina Lagler



that feeling when you wake up @ 5am and explore … rovinj. in the morning.

with the first video Rise we have started a new challenge OSM minutes of 2015. there is a world waiting to be part of it so every week we will show you a minute of it’s life. 53 videos is a tough mission, but one of the most OSM. we’re going to observe, to inspire, to explore, to create, to do something OSM!

ROVINJ. IN THE MORNING. is the #28 video of OSM minutes of 2015 project.

Directed by: Tina Lagler & Blaž Miklič

Camera: Tina Lagler & Blaž Miklič
Editor: Tina Lagler
Colorist: Blaž Miklič

Location: Rovinj, Croatia

Production: OSM films

This is a Non-Commercial, independently produced project.