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Bhindi, Okra, Dherosh, Abelmoschus esculentus, Lady’s finger, gumbo a lot of name of this vegetable. Bhindi is a delicious vegetable.
You can cook this in many ways. Today I made Bhindi or okra curry with mustard paste.
It was perfectly tasty & palatable. So I am sharing my recipe with this video.
Making procedure is so easy & simple with some few ingredients.
You can make this for different tastes.
You can cook this dish from my video step by step.

Okra Mustard Curry, Bhindi Masala, Shorshe Dharosh Recipe, Spicy Lady’s Finger INGREDIENT:

250gm fresh Okta/Bhindi/Lady’s finger
2 tbsp onion paste
2 tsp garlic paste
2 tsp yellow mustard paste
1 tsp salt
4-5 piece sliced green chili
1/4th cup mustard oil
½ tsp turmeric powder
1 cup water

Okra Mustard Curry, Bhindi Masala, Shorshe Dharosh Recipe, Spicy Lady’s Finger PROCEDURE:

Firstly wash okra & drain water. In chopping board, put lady’s finger to cut both surplus part.

In a pan heat mustard oil.

Pour onion & garlic paste. Stir these in oil.

After few seconds, Add mustard paste and mix generally. Stir in medium flame.

Then add turmeric powder, salt. Mix all properly. Fry all spices. Roast all 8-10 minutes minimum.

Add water and lid with cover for simmer. It will take just 2 minutes.
Now add lady’s finger, Stir all. Cook in low flame 10 minutes with covering the pan.

Put out lid, stir. Check if okra has boiled ever. If boiled, again cover in high flame for 5 minutes only.

Now if there is enough water, dry this and make gravy. But concern that, Okra should not to broken. So stir consciously.
Then serve this lady’s finger curry with rice.



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