Nike Most Wanted 2015 shot with SONY PXW-FS5

SHOT BYThomas Hong




First project with my new Sony PXW-FS5 and the lens kit 18 -105 F/4 :

shot with S-Log-2 with PP7
1080p /50p 50Mbps

Slow Motion with S&Q :
200 / 400 frames
Just a small problem, you have to make your setting before to put S&Q mode because you can’t do it when it’s activate.

The new variable ND filter was really usefull ;)

The center scan was usefull too, especially because i only had the lens kit the 18-105mm which become a 36-210 but there is a lot of rolling shutter and the lens compensation didn’t work.

Autofocus work fine but you can’t follow a foot player during a run with it :(

Edit & Grade with Adobe Premiere CC 2014.
This was my first shooting with a Sony Camera, this is not perfect but i learned a lot during 2 days :)

In conclusion, i really like this camera, the handgrip perfectly fixe in my hand, good weight for a reporter with a monopod and a glidecam like me. The screen isn’t perfect but with the peaking ON you can deal with it.
I was in love with the Canon C100 and for me think this camera is better than a c300markI ( maybe even MarkII) !

Thanks Sony for this fantastic product, now i’m waiting for my B-cam the new Sony A7Sii.

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