NAB 2015 “The Year of the Drone’



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I attended NAB 2015 for a couple of days and between meetings I walked around shooting the many different technologies on display. There’s no product evaluations, nor am I endorsing any products that appear in the video. For anyone who has never had the chance to attend NAB I just wanted to provide a feel of what its like.

There were drones all over the show, even in booths that seemingly had nothing to do with drones. There’s a lot of the same drone technology from last year but also a surprising amount of new drones and gimbals.

I titled this The Year of the Drone, three years ago you could have said that it was The Year of Stereoscopic 3D, I didn’t see a single Stereoscopic camera or TV this year. I’m sure there may have been a few but I didn’t see any. There’s a lot of technology, services and infrastructure that still needs to be developed so that drones don’t end up on the same heap with the 8-track tape player and 3D..