July in Athens

SHOT BYApostolos Nikolaidis

DIRECTORApostolos Nikolaidis



Greece has been experiencing historical moments for the past months.
I decided to capture scenes and characters from Athens’ everyday life
during the first 15 days of July (probably the most crucial days for the country’s future).

This work came up as a need and as a personal answer against
the “visual noise” that was produced during these days in Greece.
“July” is also a follow up to my monthly projects (see profile for more).

This film is highly inspired by Leonardo’s Dalessandri “Watchtower of Turkey”
and other great Vimeans.

Filmed / Directed & Edited: Apostolos Nikolaidis
Music Composed & Performed: Ted Regklis
Right-Hand Man: Ioannis Karounis
Graphic Designer: Efthimiou Thanassis