I am Chamkila | Artist/Musician Narayan Singh “Dhanaula” Tumbi Player | Short Documentary

SHOT BYYuvraj Soi




Directed/Edited/Cinematography by Yuvraj Soi
Featuring Artist : Narayan Singh “Dhanaula”
Narayan is a singer/musician born in a Village(Dhanaula) near Barn
ala. Seeing “Chamkila” perform at a young age Kicked off his creative flair for wanting to play tumbi and master it to a professional degree. He inspires the people around him with his kind and lovable nature. Peep into his lifestory with this six minute “Documentary” and learn about the things he had to go through to get to this point and further.
Music: Merging Light by Bahadur
No Resting in Peace by DJ HMD

Filmed entirely on a Nikon D3300 with various Prime and Zoom Lenses,Tripod and Stabalizer.
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
Graded with FilmConvert.

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