How To Expose Your URSAmini 4.6K Footage – LOG, LUT, BALANCING & GRADING Comparison

SHOT BYNico Wieseneder



This is a test with different exposures of a Blackmagic Design URSAmini 4.6 k (EF) to show you the differences of picture quality and how the standard LUT from Blackmagic Design works best with & without tweaking any settings. There’s also manually balanced & graded footage for comparison to the standard LUT.

Compared are:
1) LOG
2) BM 4.6k Film To Rec.709 LUT v3
3) Balancing + same BM LUT as above
4) Manual Balancing & Adjusting
5) Manual Balancing, Adjusting & Grading

Programs used: Premiere Pro CC 2015.3, DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Studio

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Music by: Blue Ducks – Four Floss Five Six & Broke For Free – Something Elated