Herm | Kitchen Flies (Official Video shot on Sony a7s)

SHOT BYBrad Tennant

DIRECTORBrad Tennant



Between Christmas and New Years of 2014, I went back home to Michigan to visit family and friends. While there, I shot an impromptu music video with one the most creative guys I know, Jeremy Liesen.

This is shot at various different frame rates (24, 60, and 120) mainly to test how the slow motion of the a7s could hold up. The strobe-like lighting is actually two iPhones with their flashlights on being shaken around behind me by Ben Armes. I upscaled the 120fps footage from 720 to 1080 using Red Giant’s Instant HD. I edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and graded it with FilmConvert and Vision Color’s Impulz.

Camera: Sony a7s
Lens: Vintage Nikkor 35mm f1.8 converted with Commlite E-Mount to EF.