GO FUND ‘Following Five but Preceding Seven’

SHOT BYRuben Latre




Kickstarter Campaign:

Though I hate my own voice, these days, it seems like we need to make videos about our projects to get the money to make them.

‘Crowdfunding’ they call it.

Knowing who I am and how I am, I don’t have too much faith in this, but I wanted to explore the possibilities… try to break the structure and adapt it more to my personality.

I know, I know… It’s very long. Nobody watches more than the first 20 seconds. At the same time it feels like you need the time to explain and develop…

I believe everything is going too fast… I compare it to a healthy relationship. If you find someone you like, you need to invest time. If not, it will likely be a failure.

The video contains footage in different formats, from the old SD mini DV’s to 35mm film, RED’s and Alexa’s, some GO PRO, Blackmagic cameras and lots of Canon 5D.

The shots were created specifically for this video or are from previous projects I directed. There’s a lot more that didn’t make it in. I only hope that it is not too long.

Many thanks to Stray Theories for their outstanding music.

To find out more about the project:

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