Following Boston // S3 02: Downtown Crossing // Juan Murray

SHOT BYAlex Enman

DIRECTORMichael Kalish



We’re quickly approaching the Following Boston 2 year anniversary, and not until this very episode was I able to define the creative freedom I find in photography. “State of Flow”… he said with such intense clarity. Juan Murray is that type of guy. He’s the king of black and white photography around here. Juan’s imagery is a true extension of his impeccable instincts… so effortless and cool. He’s the bar set just out of reach, but it’s visibility gives you hope that maybe one day you can achieve such greatness. Juan’s support for this project is affirmation to me of its success. His friendship is something that can’t be measured. Keep on flowing!

Michael Kalish
-April 2017

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Michael Kalish May 1, 2017

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