Following Boston // S3 01: Beacon Hill // Saili Kline

SHOT BYAlex Enman

DIRECTORMichael Kalish



Each season I begin a new journey into the heart of Boston’s social photography scene. I pay close attention to the subtle shifts in styles. These observations are the “findings” of this project, the nuggets of truth that fall along the way. To be honest, its an embarrassment of riches. So on a cold February Saturday morning, in lovely Beacon Hill, we spoke with one of everybody’s favorite photographers, Saili Kline. Much like you, her work inspires me daily. I was pleasantly surprised to find out she’s also never satisfied with the work. That being said, she’s locked into a signature style and there’s no turning back. Her textures are rich and sincere. You know a @ddskline image when you see it… and that’s what its all about.

Michael Kalish
-March 2017

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Michael Kalish March 27, 2017

Catch up on previous episodes:


Juan Murray March 28, 2017

Yeah Saili … great post!

Neha Singh March 29, 2017

My fav ♥️ Been waiting for this since weeks now!!!

Debbie Poutsiaka March 31, 2017

Great episode – I love how Saili described her development as a photographer and how the Boston Instagram/photography community contributed to it!