Following Boston // S2 03: Charles River // Curtis Reid

SHOT BYDouglas Gordon

DIRECTORMichael Kalish



Recently I was driving along the Charles River and I noticed a sunset so incredible, I had to pull over to photograph it. As I made my way down to the dock, I saw another photographer already set-up in a prime spot, ready to capture the intense beauty. That person was Curtis Reid. Our conversation confirmed how tight and creative the local photography community actually is. Curtis, or “Sunset Curtis”, as he’s known around town, produces images that are truly personal, a direct extension of his vision flows through the tool of choice… a true artist, and great guy.

Michael Kalish
-June 2016

This episode is dedicated to the continued commitment of @javimejia @kiana29 @marianne_strong @igersboston & @brianmcw @k__h__r @miclangelomusic @burnashburn @igboston

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