FeiYu FY-G4 3-Axis Handheld Steady Gimbal first test with Go Pro 4 black

SHOT BYSlobodan Milivojevic



this is my first test of FY-G4 Gimbal on the street, 1 day before our holiday (Holiday video coming up soon).
Bought it from B&H, and got it in few days – excellent service, as always!

After some initial tests and I am impressed with the capabilities.
It glides really smooth, and also it has inverted mode for low angle shots. Still need to practice a bit, and will update with new video soon while I get back from my holiday in Croatia.

Although, this was also my first test with Go pro 4 black. While 4k quality is quite impressive, I can say that 1080p 120 fps mode is disaster. The picture quality is very bad, lots of moire, jagged edges….looks like PAL scaled to HD…..very unhappy…I thought they have improved 1080 slo-mo mode, but it is the same as on GO Pro 3….

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