Epic VFX Time Reloaded [4K]

SHOT BYDominique Bürki

DIRECTORStefan Wehrli



How to transform a simple location with CGI.
Reloaded version of Freddie Wong’s visual effect video by RocketJump.
Detailed VFX breakdown: coming soon – SUBSCRIBE

Total render time: ~3691h (based on a single computer)
Equipment we used:
Software we used: After Effects, Video Copilot Plug-ins (optical flares), Blender, RealFlow, Cinema 4D, Vue, Edius Pro, Sony Vegas, DaVinci Resolve, Reaper DAW
Team: 2 producers & 2 actors
Budget: 0$

We spent tons of days (and nights) on this video, so thank you for sharing, commenting and liking!

A production by Lensbreak Studios

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