Donald Martiny: Artwork in Progress for the One World Trade Center

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This video is an intimate look at Donald Martiny’s creation of two monumental works which are permanently installed in the Lobby of One World Trade Center.

Donald Martiny’s evolution as an artist began with the inspiration to break the rectangle, and the art historic reference to the window or portal. His monumental brushstrokes bring the figure and experience of the painting forward, initiating an intimate and dynamic relationship with the viewer.

Martiny states: “I want the experience of my work to take place in the same space as the viewer. I believe life is motion, I want my work to celebrate life. There are no straight lines in my work. The works are sweeping, dynamic gestures. The painting is the gesture, the gesture is the painting.”

This revolutionary concept led to the seven yearlong development of a new kind of paint that is strong enough to work without the traditional canvas or panel (ground).

This paint allows Martiny to create monumental paintings, often made directly with his hands, the brushstrokes form an intimate signature of the artist.

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Image credits courtesy of Fort Wayne Museum of Art and The Baker Sponder Gallery

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