Docker Tutorials for Beginners Part 1 । What is Dockers Container

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Docker Tutorials for Beginners Part 1 । What is Dockers Container By

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Docker Tutorials for Beginners: In this module will focus on containerisation technology. we will go over the evolution of computing software development and DevOps processes. we will witness how the increase in scale and complexity has led to the popularity of containers and container related technologies like a docker. it has in some years since Marc Andreessen the founder of mosaic and Netscape coined the phrase software is eating the world. but indeed it is true today the idea that every company needs to become a software company is considered almost a cliche.

No matter your industry you are expected to be reimagining your business. to make sure you are not the next local taxi company or hotel chain but completely off-guard by your equivalent of uber or Airbnb. modern day software consists of ubiquitous mobile apps and websites.

Many of these apps and other applications are a critical part of our daily lives. we rely on them for mundane tasks like paying bills everyday banking getting in touch with our colleagues and loved ones. doing business in the 21st century means embracing the world where software quite literally powers everything.

From televisions to cars and from social media to banking systems. let’s explore the implications of this advancement by looking at the evolution of computing over the years. software development has seen a paradigm shift in the last few
decades. from the beginning of completing era in the 1960s up to late 1990s, the software was built by relatively small teams. these things use large monolithic software stacks to build relatively simple and smaller applications which were used by 12 few tens of people.

These applications were deployed on a central network server which the users connected via their terminals and use the application. these terminals use proprietary protocols to connect to the central servers. then in late 1990s web started to gain tremendous popularity the web applications began to grow in size and complexity. we needed few more people in our engineering departments to build these applications.

They began using layered stacks and specialized components for different parts of the system. these web applications were deployed on small to mid-size server farms and users connected to these applications over the public internet using their web browsers and popular TCP and HTTP protocols. now comes the current era of ubiquitous connectivity and ever increasing adoption of mobile computing.

To cater to these demands the model mobile apps and web applications are reaching global scale and billions of users. these app and web applications are built by larger teams which are geographically distributed. they build those large applications by stitching together a collection of services API or micro services. these services use a variety of stacks and are independent of each other .the services run on clusters spanning thousands or tens of thousands of servers or nodes and the consumers use these applications over the cloud and the public internet using their mobile tablet and desktop devices. since software release cycles are the essential part of software development process it also evolved along with the overall software development paradigm shift.

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