Different but Equal LGBT PSA

SHOT BYErnanio Mandlate

DIRECTORErnanio MAndlate

CATEGORYAds & Corporate


We all love, without any prejudice. We love without choosing for whom we love. Love transcends human understanding; it’s natural, it just happens. Comes from within ourselves, it is in our essence.

The film “Different But Equal” is inserted in a campaign by the LAMBDA Association with the aim of promoting greater understanding of sexual diversity, greater respect for free expression of various sexual orientations and gender identities.

The film is accompanied by the “Love Whistle” performed by Shelzia Mariza and produced by Manolo. This song was created for the campaign and talks about the universal feeling that unites us all: Love. Download at

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Directed, Shot and Edited by Ernânio Mandlate
SONY FS700 + 7Q+
2K 50p
Zeiss ZF Primes

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