Daisies Kill – 21st Sydney Film School Festival: FILMINK Audience Award (SFS)

SHOT BYQuais Waseeq

DIRECTORKate Cornish



Isabelle works for her conservative grandmother Ada in their funeral home. Ada is unaware that her granddaughter is in fact gay, and in a relationship with the resident mortician.

21st Sydney Film School Festival – FILMINK Audience Award Winner
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Director: Kate Cornish
Writer: Kate Cornish
Cast: Jan Langford Penny, Jesse Seeley, Danielle Stamoulos, Nadim Accari, Tasha Sanders, Nabuko Burnfield
Producer: Chris Sebastian Joys
Executive Producer: Ben Ferris & Kathryn Milliss
Cinematography: Quais Waseeq
Editing: Kate Cornish
Production Design: Phroi Kovalevsky
Sound: Kate Cornish, Hugh Fasher