“Crazy 808 Beat” Best Hard, Epic RAP/TRAP BEAT – Instrumental + Download [Produced By Boone]

SHOT BYRiley Waters

DIRECTORRiley Waters



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The first time I made this video, I spent a good half day on it and while it was exporting, it decided to crash on me and I lost the whole project. I was so mad, but I decided to make it again. The 1st one I made was probably better than the one I’m uploading, but it still does the job. Anyways, thank you for watching and I hope you decide to use my beat. I make beats for YouTube and I love doing it. This is only my 4th video, but so far it has been a nice run. I appreciate the nice feedback I have been getting. I really appreciate it!

Produced By Boone: 5/22/15