Chemistry – A Chinese Short Film

SHOT BYTon-Essa La'Rocque - Loudbyte

DIRECTORSteve Gribben - Loudbyte



This was shot with a crew of 2.

Written and directed by Loudbyte Cinematography and then adapted to Chinese by the couple.

Chemistry is loosely based upon the real relationship of the central characters, Li and Sissi. Shot in Chicago and Michigan.

Cast: Guangsha Shi 施广厦, Hai Wang 王海, Weimin Wang 王玮敏, Li Zhao 赵励, Sissi Du 杜欣

Thanks to University of Michigan, Joy Yee, PIng Tom Park, Tavern On Rush.

Shot on C100’s, Mark iii, GOpro hero for aerials and the Black Magic 4K.