Aylin and Denis: Is This Love (Bulgaria)

SHOT BYDenisas Pupkevicius



Hello. Back in October I had a chance to visit my friends Aylin and Denis wedding in Bulgaria, city named Ruse. For me was pleasure to see them, other friends, to meet new people and opportunity to increase my wedding photo / video experience. It will sound strange, but it is my fist visit at wedding. I learn something new and received plenty advices from from other photographers I met.

Wedding was very fun and interesting to meet new traditions. For me was very difficult to film, because my friends hired professional team to film all wedding. Did not had enough freedom, time, sometimes I was not confident enough and was afraid to be on their way, like this loosing a lot of nice moments.

That was my first attempt at wedding. If somebody will have time to watch and give some advices, I will very appreciated. Thank you for watching and your time ;-)

Filmed wit 5D mark III + Magic Lantern RAW 60fps 1080p.
0:42 – 01:10min. filmed with a7s. To be honest, despite good low light abilities, great electronic viewfinder and swivel screens of a7s, I enjoyed more to film with 5D mark III ML RAW and footage was also much more flexible.