Axiomatic (Spanish, French, English subtitles)

SHOT BYK.S. Kuperis/J.Tomas




This is my lo-fi/sci-fi take on Australian author Greg Egan’s short story ‘Axiomatic’. There will be some Greg Egan fans that notice huge differences in this film compared to the original story namely; Mark Carver is now Marissa Carver and the fact that Amy appears and is an essential character.

The reason for this was that I wanted to focus on the potential their relationship held, taking a chance in exploring those intimate moments between two people deeply in love who are building a life together, and then the aftermath from the choices made when that love is taken away. And I just thought it would be great to have a strong female in the lead roll.

A huge thank you to Greg Egan for not placing restrictions of any kind on this project which allowed me total creative freedom to make a film that I’m very proud of. I hope you enjoy it.

**Spanish translation: Pablo Lorenzatto & Nadia Aguirre**
**French translation: Danielle Saugy**

Official Selections:

Inside Out, Toronto, Canada – 2016
Roze Filmdagen, Amsterdam, Netherlands – 2016
Another Hole in the Head, San Fransisco, U.S. – 2016
Vancouver Lift-Off, Vancouver, Canada – 2016
ReelOut, Kingston, Canada – 2016
Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Fest, South Africa – 2016
Ukrainian Film Festival, Kiev, Ukraine – 2016
Indie Film Showcase, Fort Worth/Dallas. U.S. – 2016
Great Lakes International Film Festival, Erie, U.S. – 2016
Festival de Gênero & Sexualidade no Cinema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 2016

Filmed with:
Zeiss ZF 35mm/f2
Zeiss ZF 50mm/f1.4
Zeiss ZF 85mm/f1.4
Zeiss ZF 100mm/f2
Asahi Takumar 28mm/f3.5
Asahi Takumar 50mm/f4 Macro
Asahi Takumar 55mm/f2
Asahi Takumar 105mm/f2.8
Nikon 180mm/f2.8
Canon 35mm/f2
Canon 24-105mm/f4
Canon 5DmkIII + ML Raw
Edit and grade in FCPX+visionLOG/LUT’s